How Many Books Are In The Psu Library?

How big is Pattee Library?

Pattee Library The 50,000-volume-capacity building had the beginnings of some special collections, including government documents and the Penn State Room.

What is the Penn State library called?

“ The Paterno Library symbolizes the substantial and lasting contributions to the academic life and educational excellence that the Paterno family has made to Penn State University.

Is PSU library open to public?

In order to help curb the spread of the COVID-19 coronavirus and protect the health of our campus community, the PSU Library is only open to currently enrolled PSU students, faculty, and staff.

Can Penn State alumni use the library?

Penn State alumni who reside in Pennsylvania and have valid photo ID are eligible for a library borrowers card.

How do I access Penn State library?

Click on “Library links ” in the left menu options. Enter Pennsylvania State University and click the Search button. Click on the check box next to “Pennsylvania State University – Get [email protected] State” Click the Save button.

How do I access my PSU library?

E-books with “Online access” are available for SPU users. Click Online access or the book title to locate the e-book link from the View It section of the book info. To continue searching for more title as e-books, mouse-over and click on the lock icon that appears on the eBooks filter.

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How do I return a book to Penn State?

Enter your Order ID and Email address. If you are shipping the books back via UPS for a refund, the package must be postmarked during the first week of classes with original receipt. On the Rental Return form, enter the address from where books would be shipped. Print the UPS Shipping Label and affix it to the box.

How do I log into my PSU email?

To access WebMail, type into your web browser location/address field and the WebMail splash screen will appear. Click the Login to WebMail link, and you will be prompted to authenticate with your Access Account userid and password.

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